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19 November 2012 @ 07:13 pm
Emails from Stargate Command to…  

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Further absurdness ensues in our celebration of The Drift‘s release to paperback and the completion the Stargate Atlantis Legacy series from Melissa Scott & Jo Graham.  This next round  kicks off with none other than Rodney McKay.  Read McKay’s emails and then come back here for Col. Carter and Daniel Jackson’s replies…

To: rodney.mckay@atlantis.af.smil.mil
From: sam.carter@hammond.af.smil.mil
CC: daniel.jackson@sgc.af.smil.mil
Subject: RE: Ascension

Really up to my eyeballs at the moment, Rodney. Just ask Daniel, I’m sure he forgives you.

After years of squirreling around, I’ve managed to make a half-way decent computer model of the Ancients’ photon emitter. You know, the one we found on Yu’s planet. Can’t wait to finish rendering the model this weekend, oh and…

If Daniel isn’t up for an ascension pow-wow, you could always ask General O’Neill.

Or maybe that’s not such a hot idea. What exactly is going on out there?


To: rodney.mckay@atlantis.af.smil.mil
From: daniel.jackson@sgc.af.smil.mil
CC: sam.carter@hammond.af.smil.mil

Subject: RE: Ascension

Yeah, I wouldn’t recommend talking to Jack about Ascension — he’s not too keen on sharing what happened during his brief encounter. He did, however, make it clear that ‘fooling around’ behind the Others backs can get a rogue Ascended Being in trouble… Or cause trouble.  I’m never quite sure with Jack – he’s not exactly an open book.

Look, Rodney — whatever is going on, you need to let us help you. I’d offer to come to Atlantis, but my plate’s full. Can you come here?


To: residentgeniusofatlantis@gmail.com
From: scarter85@gmail.com

Subject: Ascending

>>>>I know you’re wondering how I got this email

Just… don’t do it again. Ever. I’m a click away from shipping you a carton of lemons.


A shout out to Matt Lathrom for his awesome coding genius.