Epilogue – Time Travel With A Cost

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EPILOGUE the Web Series premiered last night to strong reviews — obviously a good thing since we took some pretty big risks on a few fronts.  The biggest risk for me was making the decision that time travel needed to come with a cost.  No more pushing a button or climbing in a chair or using some other gizmo that would send you back in time with barely a hair out of place.  When playing with the laws of physics, there needs to be a cost.  Otherwise, it’s too easy AND at this stage in the game when everything is derivitive of everything else, I wanted our team to do something new.  Break out of the tried & true and take a chance.  If you don’t take risks, what’s the point?

"Where's HG Wells when you need him? This biological time travel kinda sucks."

Enter the idea for biological time travel.  If time is indeed a set of linear points, every object ever made started somewhere and therefore, could — hypothetically — become a fixed point in time.  Elements of that object, that artifact, combined with the right radioactive component could (again, hypothetically!) de-molecularize  and then re-intergrate a person at the artifact’s point of origin.  For Epilogue, the 14th century dagger serves as their initial artifact — the idea being that the ‘point of origin’ occurs during the Blacksmith’s smelting process in 1348.

Sounds painful?  It should.  The more trips you’d take, the more radiation would be pumped into your body.  Hence, the cost.  And yes, too many trips too soon won’t do a body good.

Nuts? Yes.  Possible?  At the moment, not that I know of (although I have made a pact to come back 5 seconds from now if I stumble upon the true secret to time travel… Okay, maybe that’s too short a time frame.  Bear with me).

In the meantime, there’s EPILOGUE.   The first two episodes are up — at 15 minutes a piece.  Take a peek.  Take a listen.

Question of the day:  If you travel back to 1348, does that mean the present is now the future?


GateWorld Podcast: Wormhole Physics

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Wormhole PhysicsYou’re in for a brain-stimulating discussion. Podcast hosts David and Diana welcome back special guest Diane Turnshek, Physics Outreach Coordinator at Carnegie Mellon University, to delve deep into the realm of wormhole physics and black holes!

As always, David and Diana catch up on what has been filling their lives most recently. We will also tap-dance around the film “Prometheus,” and since Diana had yet to view the film when this was recorded we will save the spoilers for the end of the next podcast!

GateWorld Podcast: Wormhole Physics


GateWorld Podcast: Becoming Infinite

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For the past few months, I’ve joined David Read over at Gateworld in a monthly podcast where we cover any and all tangents derived from our fellow love of all things science fiction AND in specific, Stargate.   Through the next few weeks, I’ll add links to the various podcasts (available on iTunes and online streaming).  Here’s a personal favorite we did back in April:

GateWorld » GateWorld Podcast: Becoming Infinite.

Visit the GateWorld Podcast page for more about the show!

On the latest installment of the podcast David and Diana discuss the path of the human race. They talk about the accessibility of information, our mortality, transcending consciousness from our bodies into another plane, and what could become of our society as technology continues to push the envelope. We also discuss some of the current sci-fi offerings available on TV.


Oscar-Worthy Screenplays? Read the Contenders

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Fighting the flu?  Join the club.  There’s no better time to be reading than when you laid up, and if you’re writing, you better be reading!  Novelists should read novels (I have 6 I’m currently cycling through on my Kindle).  Poets should read poetry.  Short story writers should be reading short stories.  Of course.

Screenwriters?  One huge upside of the intertubes has been the accessibility to teleplays and screenplays.  Here’s a great list (with links) of the contending scripts for this year’s Academy Award Nominees.  Enjoy!

“Anonymous” by John Orloff (Sony)

“The Artist” by Michel Hazanavicius (The Weinstein Company)

“Beginners” by Mike Mills (Focus Features)

“Bridesmaids” by Annie Mumolo & Kristen Wiig (Universal)

“Cars 2″ by Ben Queen; Story by John Lasseter, Brad Lewis and Dan Fogelman (Disney)

“Coriolanus” by John Logan, from the play by William Shakespeare (The Weinstein Company)

“The Debt” by Matthew Vaughn & Jane Goldman and Peter Straughan (Focus Features)

“The Descendants” by Alexander Payne and Nat Faxon & Jim Rash, based on the novel by Kaui Hart Hemmings (Fox Searchlight)

“The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” by Steven Zaillian, based on the novel by Stieg Larsson (Sony)

“Hanna” by Seth Lochhead and David Farr; Story by Seth Lochhead (Focus Features)

“The Help” by Tate Taylor, based on the novel by Kathryn Stockett (Dreamworks)

“The Ides of March” by George Clooney & Grant Heslov and Beau Williman (Sony)

“The Iron Lady” by Abi Morgan (The Weinstein Company)

“Jane Eyre” by Moira Buffini, based on the novel by Charlotte Bronte (Focus Features)

“Machine Gun Preacher” by Jason Keller (Relativity Media)

“Margaret” by Kenneth Lonergan (Fox Searchlight)

“Margin Call” by J.C. Chandor (Rope of silicon website)

“Martha Marcy May Marlene” by Sean Durkin (Fox Searchlight)

“Moneyball” by Steven Zaillian and Aaron Sorkin; Story by Stan Chervin, based on the book by Michael Lewis (Sony)

“My Week With Marilyn” by Adrian Hodges, from the book by Colin Clark (The Weinstein Company)

“Pariah” by Dee Rees (Focus Features)

“Shame” by Steve McQueen and Abi Morgan (Fox Searchlight)

“Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy” by Bridget O’Cconnor & Peter Straughan, based on the novel by John le Carre (Focus Features)

“War Horse” by Lee Hall and Richard Curtis, based on the novel by Michael Morpurgo (Dreamworks)

“Warrior” by Gavin O’Connor and Anthony Tambakis & Cliff Dorfman (Lionsgate)

“Win Win” by Tom McCarthy; Story by Tom McCarthy & Joe Tiboni (Fox Searchlight)


Coming up for air!

Why work on 1 project when you can work on 2 or 3 or...
Just a few days away from delivering THE DRIFT to the publishers. It's been a nutty 8 months, filled with things both wondrous and heartbreaking. You're curious? Another time, perhaps. Once the book is out the door, the semester started, and in other words, sometime next week.

In the meantime...

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It's been a crazy 8 months developing this SF web series entitled, "epilogue." A few months of stirring around my own insanity, and then dragging in the amazing student-writers at Missouri State University. Thing is, words are free. Production costs. Help these students experience the opportunity to produce a dramatic SF series and multimedia experience unlike on the air or online so far!

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TimeGate Atlanta

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Updated!  May 26th:  Martin Wood no longer able to attend.  Cliff Simon will gate in for a Skype visit with fans!

It’s getting to be that time of year again – flying here and there and meeting extraordinary fans, insightful artists, thoughtful writers, and seeing all sorts of awesome costumes!  First up:

This will be my second year at TimeGate Atlanta — (May 27-29) and yep, it’s a hybrid Stargate/Doctor Who con and really, one of best run operations I’ve ever experienced.

In addition to some presentations of my own (more in a moment on that!), I’ll be teaming up with Gateworld‘s David Read to host a Skype video interview with Stargate actor Cliff Simon aka Baal. director/producer Martin Wood (who’s now Exec Producer and Director on Sanctuary). It’ll be interesting to get Cliff Simon’s Martin’s retrospective on the franchise as well as (hopefully) some fun behind-the-scenes tales from episodes such as Abyss and the Stargate Continuum DVD film.   Con attendees will get to ask questions as well.  (Sunday, 4pm, ET)

I’ve also been asked to share a presentation on my Antarctica expedition along with my research to determine where the Ancient Outpost would have really been situated (Not as easy as it sounds, but yes!  Thanks to many conversations with USAF folks, Polar Star expedition staff members and a great deal of reading, I’ve figured it.  But don’t worry, if you can’t make TimeGate, you can wait to read THE DRIFT.  (Saturday, 2pm).

I’ll also be sharing a panel with Stargate Atlantis writer Melissa Scott on writing for tie-in’s, particularly the Stargate Franchise. (Sunday, 1pm)

In the spirit of our visit with Martin Wood, and my presentation on Antarctica, David Read and I will do a video commentary on Stargate SG-1′s Lost City.   (Sunday, 3pm)

Last, but not least, I’ve invited Con attendees to join me in a writing workshop. (Saturday, 3pm)
Those attending need to bring a scene from a short story, novel or screenplay. You’ll want to bring a minimum of 5 copies so  it can be read aloud amongst workshop
attendees. Everyone will be involved in providing critiques in a constructive, supportive manner which will help the writer to improve their work because, afterall, writing is rewriting!


Hanging w/Princess @ TimeGate '10

So yeah – busy, busy, but fun!  If you’re in the area, hopefully you’ll visit because even if you’re not a Stargate or Who fan, how can you resist a visit with the con’s resident mascot, Princess.

Hope to see you there!


Antarctica Journal – The Drake Passage

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The Drake Passage Outside My Cabin

Warning:  If you’re prone to seasickness, I don’t recommend watching the video below.

It’s months later and I’ve yet to get those last two days of my January trip uploaded.  My apologies, it’s been a bit nuts – made all the more so by a bout of pneumonia that lingered for almost 2 months and an excessively busy spring semester (which turned out some amazing scripts from student-writers).  Oh, and, let’s not forget the storms that knocked power out, practically ripped the roof off my hay barn, and…

My Stargate SG-1 novel which has had to suffer in the backseat while I dealt with the above insanities.

Happily, the insanity has quieted down (for the moment) and the novel progresses well.  Of course I rapidly switch back and forth between moments of exhilarated enthusiasm for this crazy book which feels more and more like a film than an episode (just close your eyes and pretend SG-1 got that third movie!) — and then there’s days where I think I must be the worst writer on the face of any planet in any galaxy.

Typical writer stuff.

So… those last two days of Antarctica goodies will have to wait for when I finish THE DRIFT.  Look for postings come late June.  In the meantime, however, here’s a bit of video for those of you who aren’t prone to seasickness.   This video was taken inside the library on the 3rd floor of The Polar Star while traveling back to South America.    While there’d been a pretty good case of rocking and rolling on the way down to Antarctica, it barely compared to what we experienced coming back.  According to the ship’s logs, we hit gale force 8 winds.  On the Beaufort modern scale, that equates to 39-47 mph, but there were definitely times we had to have peaked up at force 9 which is aptly described as “High waves whose crests sometimes roll over. Dense foam is blown along wind direction. Large amounts of airborne spray may begin to reduce visibility.”

Suffice it to say that the smell of vomit in the corridors was ripe.  Personally, I LOVED every minute, sneaking outside on several occasions even when we were ordered to stay in our cabins.

See for yourself:


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  • 10:23:19: Congrats to Missouri State University's latest rounds of graduates. Can't wait to see what each of you does next. You'll be missed!
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